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Toyota Fog And LED Lights


Fog/LED Lights

High-quality auto lighting is vital to seeing and being seen on dark routes and in inclement weather. Let the professionals at Toyota of Fort Walton Beach, FL, help brighten your paths with first-class fog lights and LED lighting.


Fog Lights

Fog lights are integrated into the front bumper below the headlights for lighting assistance when the atmosphere around you is highly reflective and causes your headlights to bounce light back toward you. Fog isn't the only condition where this can occur; heavy rain and spray or driving snow can cause headlight reflection as well. Fog lights cast a wider but shorter beam, and since they're mounted lower, they don't send as much light back toward you.

LED Lights

Whether they're used as headlights or taillights, LED lights are valuable for their efficiency and visibility. LED lights shine brighter than traditional headlights or taillights, making them harder to ignore by surrounding drivers. Also, they use less power than Xenon or Halogen alternatives, plus they last much longer, usually as long as the vehicle does, so in the long run, they are an energy-reducing, money-saving, and sophisticated accessory for any vehicle.


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