Toyota Clear Paint Protection

Toyota of Fort Walton Beach Clear Paint Protection is made from a clear-coated film designed to withstand the elements encountered through everyday driving. The protective film has an adhesive backing that is applied to the edge area of the painted sheet metal. It’s almost invisible once installed, and it enhances the resistance to yellowing.

Surrounding your car in a suit of armor might protect the exterior finish, but you’re not going to experience a great ride. Cover your vehicle with the Clear Coat Paint Protection available at Toyota of Fort Walton Beach, FL. We can install this film that will help guard against road debris that can chip and scratch the paint finish.

Manufactured from durable, nearly invisible urethane, the film is designed for specific sections of the vehicle that have the highest potential for contact with stones and other road hazards that can fly up and damage your vehicle. The clear coat will also provide protection from the sun’s rays and natural elements that can cause the color to fade or lose its shine. You’ll be able to drive with peace of mind knowing that your Toyota’s exterior trim will look as great as the first day you bought it no matter what the road throws at you.

Series availability: Prius, Avalon, Highlander, & 4Runner
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